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We want to contribute to the creation and development of a new economic scenario based on ethical values and with a high social impact, dedicating ourselves to business projects and undertaken through an integrated ecosystem oriented to the development of young people with high potential and innovative companies.


We are Inspirers and Inspirers of the new millennium.

We believe in social innovation and cultural growth. We believe in creativity, enthusiasm and passion. We promote the restlessness of the new generations, collaborating with them and for them, through emotional, social and collective intelligence. We believe in the community of knowledge, in the gift principle, but above all we believe in the individual

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The success of an organization depends on many factors, but the fundamental elements are: to attract, retain and grow talent.

For this reason it will be increasingly essential to become a point of reference for the new generations. Identifying the talents of the future means guaranteeing an organization to grow and prosper. Being part of the Hubrains club helps you in this wonderful adventure  

But what is talent? Talent is creativity and knowledge combined with skills from passion.

To free talent you need to inspire and become inspirers and inspirers of the new millennium, it means freeing the enthusiasm (from the Greeken inside tea God. The god within.) Enutsiasm is not a mere state of mind. It is something far deeper, more powerful, more imposing. It is freeing that force that invades us through which there is no goal that is not at hand, no obstacle that cannot be overcome, no community that cannot be overwhelmed and involved. It is the active, centered and smiling state of mind that opens up the infinite feasibility of dreams

"We don't have to work for young people but we have to work with young people". This is the first major change to be made. Social innovation starts from the premise that things have to happen. We must ally ourselves with a generation that truly has a lot to give. Do not do something for them, but really do something with them, with a fundamental premise: truly listening to them without judging them

The ego, the bureaucracy, together with the lack of dialogue are the biggest problems for the present organizations, problems that have been dragging on for decades. All this stops that process of real change, canceling the enthusiasm, the passion, the spirit of initiative, the creativity, thus also limiting the risk-taking of those who would like to get involved, trying to change to be bearers and bearers of that new which inevitably advances


Inspirers and inspirers of the new millennium:



Identify young people with high potential!

The ecosystem aims to identify young people with high potential and accelerate, on the one hand, their personal development process to create a benefit to the reference community and, on the other, to foster the creation of new successful companies with a high content of innovation, minimizing the mortality rate. The ecosystem implements processes of, acceleration, high training in entrepreneurship and systemic thinking, mentoring, development of young people and ideas with high potential with strong social repercussions.