Who is Hubrains:

Cultural, non-partisan, non-profit association

The Hubrains association is a cultural, non-partisan, non-profit association and aims to identify young women and men to support them, on the one hand, in their process of learning knowledge and personal development and, on the other, in the encourage the creation of new successful entrepreneurial initiatives (startups), which favor social innovation, the development and implementation of new ideas (products, services, models) capable of responding to needs communities and to create new relationships social.


Hubrains deals with the development of high potential young people

We want to contribute to the creation and development of a new economic scenario based on ethical values and with a high social impact, dedicating ourselves to business projects and undertaken through an integrated ecosystem oriented to the development of young people with high potential and innovative companies.


Encourage the creation of successful new businesses

Hubrains wants to favor the creation of new successful companies with a high content of social innovation and cultural growth.


The ecosystem implements selection processes, advanced training in entrepreneurship and systemic thinking, mentoring, development of young people and high-potential ideas with strong social repercussions.


Our areas of activity are:
Higher training on business creation and management, search for talents and development of people's potential: “School of free thinking”, a center of shared values and exchange of knowledge;

  • Center for Economics and Systemic Vision Studies;
  • Dissemination of the work of the Study Center through publications, seminars and meetings;
  • Distribution of prizes to the most deserving initiatives.


Inspirers and inspirers of the new millennium: